Saturday, June 27, 2009

You never know what will happen in this house!

Long story or short story? Long? Okay!

My mom is down working in the kitchen when you hear this big BOOM and glass shattering, soon you hear her calling for help. We (my sister and me) all go downstairs to find Mom frantically cleaning up and asking for a towel.
One of our jars of milk cultures had exploded. And I literally mean EXPLODED. There was glass shards all the way to the dining room and across the kitchen!

So to fully grasp the magnitude of the scale of this chemical/biological/my mom's culturing attempt we have to back up to Wednesday. We were doing our milking time and our neighbor's have been drowning in milk, so we helped them by taking quite a bit off their hands. We skimmed the cream to make butter and added milk culture to the skim/now fat free milk.

If you know anything about culturing your own food, you know that it will expand and apply pressure to whatever vessal it is in. The milk culture for our chickens was no different. One of the many (and I mean many. Our kitchen is hidden behind canning jars!) decided to explode tonight after dinner.

So that is my story of this evening. And no, this is not what I talked about in the previous post. ;D

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