Friday, July 3, 2015

Ode to the Rootstock of Apple

 Ode to the Roostock of Apple

A Shakespearean Sonnet by Yours Truly

O apple growing in the sky so high,
Arduous and labored becomes the toil.
Remedy the problem, the best to buy;
A rooty solution: what grows through the soil.

M.106, of semi-standard size,
has an early crop yet gets collar rot.
Fire blight resistance becomes quite the prize,
M.7 suited also for cold or hot.

Wintry chills bother it not: M.26;
early fruit bearing yet falls eas'ly ill.
A Geneva 202 is the fix;
dwarf yet robust, it shall fit the bill.

The slightest of them all: G.65.
Shunning blight and cold, it then shall thrive. 
This is so painfully plant-nerdy. At least that's what my sister said when she read it over. ;) This is part of an assignment for one of the classes that I'm taking over the summer. According to the worksheet, I can either write a poem or a rap 'proclaiming their virtues and limitations.' Homey don't rap, but a poem? I can fake my way through that. 

Until next time!

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