Monday, October 27, 2014

Blustery Day

I haven't been able to do much work in the garden between work, sewing commissions, and homework. But we had a pretty decent wind storm on Saturday afternoon, so I thought that I should make sure that none of my potted plants hadn't tipped over. I go to check on plants, and I end up finding a broken tabletop and a fallen chandelier. Phooey. How am I supposed to clean that up?
Honestly though, I'm surprised that there wasn't more damage to my garden. 

Unless gravity reversed itself, I don't think that the chandelier is supposed to be on the floor. :Le' sigh:
And the glass was pretty darn thick. Not tempered though. Now there's glass shards everywhere. No more barefoot gardening (I guess I could, but that's one trip to the doctor's office that I don't want). 

So I took advantage of the lovely weather that we had today (and it just so happened to be my day off! Love how that all lined up), and I cleaned the pergola. All that's left for glass clean-up is taking a shop vac to the area to get the super teeny tiny pieces that I couldn't pick up by hand. 

Also while I was busy working and homeworking (yes, that's a word now), the weeds decided that it was the prime opportunity to take over. Apparently it's therapy time. Here's how things looked before I got my hands dirty.  

And after: 
The soil is wonderfully moist and soft now, so weed pulling is a breeze! And I used my favorite tool: the hula-hoe. Now my plants don't have to compete with the invaders and can focus on growing. 

Until next time!

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