Saturday, May 3, 2014

No Small Announcement

I promise I haven't gone AWOL on you. ;) I've just been super busy... my job. 
Yep. I've joined the work force.
Ahh! That sounds so weird to say! Lol! My youngest brother giggles every time he asks if I have to go to work. 

:Ahem: Needless to say, I've been enjoying it a lot. It's a destination farm store featuring sustainably grown berries, apples, vegetables and flowers. There's also an espresso and milkshake bar inside the boutique store. 
It's super close (just down the hill and all country roads). I think that the commute is going to get to me. :P And, we've known the family that owns and runs the farm for many years.

I found out about the job opening through the store's facebook page. I mulled over applying for the job, and a few days later, I went in to get an application. Went home, filled it out, and took the application form back in that afternoon. The gal who runs the show was there to take the paperwork. She practically ripped the envelope open, scanned the application, and asked if I was available for an interview right then. Uh, sure! She offered me a job as soon as I sat down in the chair in her office. Not exactly good practice for a job interview. ;) 

The job includes labeling, pricing, and organizing plants in the nursery, taking inventory of new products that come into the store, getting those entered into the store's catalog of items, and pricing them, running the cash register, making coffee and milkshakes (once I get my food handler's license), keeping things neat and clean, and once berry season starts, there will also be the berry stand to run, etc, etc, etc. So far, it has just been a lot of training and getting my feet under me after I got swept into their routine.

So that's where I've been. :) 

Until next time!

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