Friday, February 7, 2014

February Freeze

We got a gorgeous blanket of the white stuff and more is on the way! Driving home yesterday when the storm came in was fun. [/sarcasm] But the roads were bizarre. With the wind whipping the snow around, the roads looked like swirling water. Now, we're just hunkered down for the rest of the weekend and making sure that the animals don't have frozen water. Yes, we've been hauling hot water from the bathtub downstairs to the barn and coop. Water likes to solidify when it's 16 degrees outside. ;) Once the wind died down, the cold doesn't bite so much, and you can get out there and enjoy the powdery snow!
Rolled Fencing

Don't worry, we drained all the water from the pipes. 

Morgan isn't so sure about all this white stuff.

The one time every year that the geese are actually camouflaged 


Man overboard!

Getting all worn out

Our lovely neighbor

"I'm going to get the other sled now"

Mt. St. Helens

Here we go!

Dramatic minimalist pinecone

Walkin' in a winter wonderland

It's a cold little birdie

I get to wear the Bofur hat! 

This cat has the right idea - stay inside where it's warm. 

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