Monday, December 2, 2013

"My Little Doe" - A Sonnet

My sisters are taking a British literature class, and the recent assignment was to pen a sonnet in the Shakespearean form. With it's strict rhyming scheme and meter, this is no easy task. My sister, Emily, surprised us all with this adorable sonnet written about the little doe that was born back in October. Since she was bottle fed for the first several weeks, Estella thinks that she is one of us. She is our little shadow. Our joy. If we could, we all would spend the entire day out in the barn and pasture with her and then bring her into the house to snuggle with us. She has won the hearts of everyone that she meets with her sweet demeanor and affectionate personality. 

So, it is with great honor that I give you:

My Little Doe

A Shakespearean sonnet by Emily G

Once upon a merry time lived a wee goat;
Her fur was of charcoal with specks of white.
Her diet consisted of grain, hay, and oat,
but raisins and carrots were her true delight.

Her physique was miniature and delicate;
Her temperament was darling and sweet.
Of the goats, this one was the most affectionate.
When her lady left her awhile, then she would bleat. 

She enjoyed bounding on and off her box,
She frolicked with her companions in the field,
With them, she played among the boulders and rocks.
Her joy in life was never concealed.

This tale of mine took place not too long ago,
Estella is she and to me she belongs, my little doe.

Estella and her mom, Genevieve 

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