Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Seasonal Red Neck Water Feature

Whenever we dig in and work on a project on the to-do list, we seem to create more jobs for that list. Especially if the job involves a tractor of any kind. This time 'round, we hit the gutter while using an excavator to dig out the area for the front walk way. The force was so great that it shook the house, cut all the way through the gutter, and popped the gutter out of the brackets that were holding it up on the roof. Of course, the main break is smack dab in the middle of the entry way. ;) And we got goodness knows how many inches of rain this last weekend, and the duct tape patch job didn't hold up to the weather. The entire front of the house became a waterfall. It was quite entertaining to try to use that entrance during the storm since you were running through a wall of water. This is the when you call in the professionals. We've no experience in roofing.

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