Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Generally, we aren't too freaked out by spiders (unless you're a certain sister of mine). The general rule of thumb is that if it's in the house, it gets squished. Outside, you're invading their space. There are exceptions to this rule. Cleaning the garage for instance...
It's already a nasty job - cleaning the garage. But it needs to be done. You're already not wanting to do it, then a spider comes out. Oh, it's just a daddy long legs? No biggie. Then another spider crawls along. Suck him into the vacuum as well. Then something black and slightly vicious looking comes creeping out. BLACK WIDOW!!!! Never before have I seen my mom freak out about a spider; I guess there's a first for everything. Well, after that, we had the heebie jeebies. We'd get chills at random moments. We looked up black widow bite symptoms because we, as a committee, couldn't decide if they were lethal or not. According to Dr. Google, you'll get stiff, become feverish, vomiting, nausea, and get extreme abdominal pain. One bite probably won't kill you, but you'll probably wish that you were dead. Now we're scared to empty out the shop vac... we just might have another vacuum on standby just in case. Our grand kill total that we know of? 4 spiders and two egg sacks. So far. We're not done with the garage yet. Then it's on to the basement.

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