Friday, July 26, 2013

County Fair

We finished chores as fast as we could and boogied on over to the fair grounds. It's that time of year folks! Just about ery crafter, baker, jammer, farmer, ffa-er and 4 H-er... Anyone who has an art that they work in, they were there to show off and share their efforts. Jessica and I went on a treasure hunt to find the projects that we entered to see if they won any ribbons. We saw several. ^_^ Then we oo-ed and awed over other entries that were simply jaw dropping. I wish I had a picture of a barn yard/farm applique quilt that was there; it was something that you could stare at for hours and still be amazed at the level of detail that went into the quilt. Emi and I then decided to meander on over to the animals barns to see what was over there. 
We found pigs. Lots of pigs. I'm still trying to convince the parental units that we need to grow our own bacon, but guess what is prohibited in the neighborhood covenants. Yeah, pigs... :(

As much as I love the dwarf Nigerians, I still love those floppy eared Nubians. Except for their rather vocalized opinions. 

Pygora Goat. 

Draft horse. I think his name was Teddy. 

And then we meandered over through some of the vendor booths. I found an adorable parasol, and Eli found the police motorcycle. He got to turn on the lights. ;) 

And the police car. The officer said that Eli could also sit in the back if he wanted, but he said that he never wanted to sit in the back because, "That's were the bad guys sit."

On our way out, this bluegrass band was playing by the exit/entrance. I think they're call the Rock Bottom Boys or something like that. 

Now I want to play washboard. I never thought I'd say that in my life. ;)

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