Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Super Bowl

Okay, I'll admit it. I've never sat through an entire game of football in my life. Ever. But some friends of mine threw a party for the not-so-into-football-people. I went. ;) And strangely enough, I sat through the entire game. Remind me again who's playing? I think I learned more about football in that one game than I have over years of 'gleaning' tidbits from my die-hard friends. I mean, really, did you see that 109 yard spring across the field? Jaw dropping moment in the sports world. Granted, we were jumping all over the place (I love tivo). To let the game time buffer a bit, we watched Princess Bride (Inconceivable!). Then we skipped all the random commentary fillers and jumped right to the plays. And since Beyonce was doing the half-tiem show, that was skipped completely. When it came to commercials, we held the power to skip if we so decided. While the stadium power was out, we watched Avengers blooper reels. There was also a card game going on in the next room. I think we're ADHD football fans. 

In the thick of all the craziness and commercialism, there were a few moments of fresh air. Most notably of all, the Ram truck commercial featuring Paul Harvey's, "So God Made a Farmer." It was beautiful. Except for the Ram truck at the end; it should have been a Ford. :P

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