Tuesday, January 10, 2012

RIP Kevin?

Y'all read about Kevin, right? You'll want to catch up here.

We were bringing in the chickens. And the geese. And Kevin. Yeah, she still gets her own room in the barn -  complete with heat lamp for those really cold nights. Anyways... We searched the entire barn for Kevin that night. No Kevin. We looked outside the barn. Still no Kevin. We checked in the carport. And still no Kevin. We searched the barn again. Even the loft. Yet again, no Kevin.

What were we to do? Chickens are coyote fodder around here. They're fair game for any predator that comes around.

We just about decided that if Kevin didn't come in, she wouldn't be in that night. If she was at the barn door in the morning, all the better. That would save some tears from certain someones the next day.

I don't know what impulse told me to check over by the garbage cans in the barn, but I did. There was only one can open at the time, and I heard a faint cooing coming from inside. Lo-and-behold, Kevin was inside. Goodness knows why she decided to roost in a garbage can for the night, but she did. Now she just roosts on the gate and saves us some hassle come bed time.

So long for now!

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