Saturday, April 3, 2010


Good Friday has passed, and the momentous third day is quickly approaching. Today is a day of waiting. Who knows what it was like after Jesus had been crucified?

Maybe those who genuinely believed that he was the Son of God prayed non-ceasingly, hoping that the Saviour's words would be true. On the third day he would conquer death and save us from our sins. On the third day he would rise again.

Maybe the Pharasis and all of the Messiah's enemies were revelling in a wicked, joyous jubilee for their success in destroying the threat to their power.
Who knows what happened?

Maybe those who thought that Jesus was the Messiah that would save them from the oppression of the Romans wept bitterly for a lost hope. A dissappointment that they had placed hope in the wrong man.

Maybe there was silence. Waiting for the outcome of the execution. Maybe his enemies remained silent - lest their true intentions of the death were made known. Maybe some resigned themselves. Maybe some prayed fervently that all their hopes and dreams may come true.

Maybe some were angry. Angry that after telling all about these wonderful things, Jesus just up and died on them. Angry that the Son of God had not saved himself and saved them.

Maybe some were frightened. Since they had followed Jesus, perhaps the disciples worried that they would be next. Jesus still had much work to do with them.

Maybe some mourned the loss of such a great man.

Maybe the angels held their breath, maybe God paced (although He already knew what was to pass).

Who knows what really happened while the whole world, spiritual and physical, waited.

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