Saturday, February 13, 2010

Who's to say?

Maybe I'm catching spring fever early this year, maybe it's the unusually warm weather that we're having for this time of year - but for some odd reason, I want to get a fruit tree. This has never happened before, but something just blew across my face when I was going through the Raintree Nursery catalog and saw a Weeping Santa Rosa plum. Now, I've always loved ornamental trees, drapey trees, trees with something unique and special about them, but this tree is different - it bears fruit. So it's a useful decorative tree! :D It has the classic pink plum blossoms in the spring all across it wispy draping branches, and later in the year, there are lovely plums that you can go out and pick. Oh, another plus - it only gets to about 8 feet tall! So, yeah, I'm considering getting a tree now.

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