Thursday, January 28, 2010

Maybe I finally found a direction?

So an unexpected request was brought to me last November, my lit teacher - she has two granddaughters - asked me if I'd be willing to sew doll dresses for their American Girl dolls for Christmas presents. I had already been sewing doll dresses, but never to sell. I agreed to make the doll dresses and off I went. The only request was that one dress be purple (because it's the girl's favorite color) and that both dresses be pioneer-esque. The rest was all up to the creative juices. So as I'm making these dresses, my aunt asks if I could make her daughter a dress for Christmas as well! So I sold 3 doll dresses, and now I'm beginning to wonder if I should go a sewing direction.
The dress that is pictured above is the one that I made for my cousin. =)

This is the small drawstring bag that I made to go with it

The hat.

This dress is one that I made for my lit teacher. It took me about 3 tries to get the ruffle on the hem right... but I say that the stress of it was worth it! =D

Close-up of the neckline. I had to venture into a section of the craft store that I never go in - the beading aisles. And I successfully found something that would work for the cameo! Sorry that it's so blurry...

Detailing of the cross-stitch that I added to the hem of the pinnafore

This dress is the purple one that was requested - I absolutely LOVE how it turned out. The fabric is all from my scrap collection!

Close-up of the apron and shawl. I cut out the flowers from the solid lavender and sewed them to the center of the apron tie. The way I had to lay the fabric out left an ugly seam right down the middle of the tie. So I covered it up with the flowers!

And this is the back of the shawl - the little girl's name started with an "L" and her doll's name was Lily Anna. So I did this for them. ;)


  1. The dresses are adorable Sarah! Doll clothes are so fun to do since they are so small. Have you ever thought of starting an Etsy shop for your sewn items?


  2. I've been considering, but I'm not entirely sure yet as to the direction this would go.