Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hoe Down!

Hoe Down/Harvest Party!

Setting up!

Must move towards the light!

My little brother. =)


*reverent silence


We even had live music! =D


Ooh! Pretty lights!

This isn't what it looks like... ;)

More dancing!

In the barn

Some of our musicians

The Virginia Reel

Laura, our dance caller and music supplier, was running late, but, thank goodness, some people had brought their instruments, so we impromtued the first couple dances. =)

We even had a full moon!

There was so much food!

Playing in the loft!

At the end of the party... =(

Wow! What an evening! This whole party was the brainchild of a drive home from ECD one evening at the beginning of the summer. We were thinking that a harvest party would be fun, and we just ran with it! =D My parents were excited to host the party at our house, so we even had a great farm location (complete with farm atmosphere)!
Unfortunately, the week leading up to the event, the forecast started out as showers on Saturday, Oct. 3 (the day of the party) then changed to thunder showers. We were all praying really hard that we could not have any rain on the event... Saturday morning was cloudy and overcast but in the afternoon, it cleared up, we had sunshine and blue skies! That night we even had a full moon to complete the whole experience! =D
Another unfortunately... I was getting migranes almost every other day leading up to the Harvest Party... To give you some backround, I had fallen off a horse the week before and made my neck, head and back go out of alignment which leads to migranes. >_<>
So, all things summed up, I want to do this again next year! =D
PS- Most pictures made possible by Daniel S. and Nathan B. Thank you!

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  1. Ooooooh, that looks like sooooo much fun!! I wish we could have gone.... [sigh]