Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pleasantly surprised

Well, now it's my turn to be tickled pink! Simply flattered! My friend over here singing with her goats nominated me for the Sunshine Blog Award! 

According the the 'all-knowing-Google', this goes to blogs that 'Positively and creatively inspire others in the Blogsphere.' I was not aware that my quiet blog was inspiring. At all. But I guess that this little corner of the interwebz has potential. Then I take a look at the stats of my online journal - there are readers from every continent (except those chilly folks down at the South Pole), viewers from countries in just about every demographic and region on the globe, searchers of things varying from sewing to milking to costuming to farming and beyond. Do I really use this blog to it's utmost? Do I use it to speak to every soul who happens across this url? Is every word I put on here glorifying God? I hope so. Well, here's to using my space to it's fullest potential! [/thank-you speech]

As an award winner, there are a few rules to follow:
  • Thank the person who gave this award and write a post about it.
  • Answer the questions below.
  • Pass on the award to 10 bloggers you like, link their blogs, and let them know you awarded them.

- What is your favorite number? Well... Let's go with 3. It's a perfect number. And you can waltz to a song in 3, not 4. :P
- What is your favorite non-alcoholic beverage? We just got a Vitamix. LOVE IT! And my sister is going to give fancy coffee shops a run for their money soon, she's getting good at making the frou-frou drinks. 
- What's your favorite animal? Can I eat it or is it a pet? :P Now, in all seriousness, I like goats and turkeys. Liking goats is understandable, but turkeys? Yes, their dorkiness has won my heart. 
- Facebook or Twitter? I have accounts in both networks, and I must say, the old Facebook suits me just fine, thank ye. I tried to like Twitter, I really did! It was just painfully, well, twitter-y. Now, if we want to talk picture sharing... Pinterest is the bomb!
-  My passion? Farm life, herbs, sewing, dancing, and old farms. My dream is to restore a dilapidated farm house and outbuildings to its former glory. 
-  Favorite day of the week? An uneventful day sounds really good right now. If you want a specific day, dance class is on Thursday nights. ;) 
- Favorite flower? Ooh! Lavender, roses, lupine, wisteria, daisies, and ranunculus (I probably just butchered the spelling on that). Was I only supposed to pick one?

Well, time to share some love. ;) These are in no particular order...Bloggers I nominate are:
1. Homestead Revival. Step back, take a deep breath. I'm not the only one trying to do all this farm stuff. :)
2. A Country Farmhouse. These folks have put a ton of work into their dream farm house. The pictures are exquisite. 
3. Aspiring Homemaker. This young lady and her family do a lot of reenacting and farm work. All the while, she has a camera handy to share with the rest of us. ;)
4. Diary of a Country Girl. A good friend of mine, partner in crime, and adopted sister. We've known each other for years. 
5. All Things Beautiful. If you love pictures, you'll love this blog. Her photos show you just how beautiful the world can really be.
6. American Dutchess. Costuming at it's finest. Her ensembles are all gorgeous and make me want to really get into sewing. But then you need to take a reality check - how often would I wear that dress? ;)
7. (Life is too short to not wear the red shoes). Just a happy, easy to read blog. 
8. Jen's Gone Paleo. After going primal, this blog was a huge taste bud saver. Yummy food, easy to make, tastes fantastic!
9. Lovely Little Handmades. An amazing quilter. Need I say more?
10. Craftberry Bush. Decorating, cooking, simple crafting. 

Thank you, again, Goat Song
Until next time!

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