Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Just another day in paradise

Have you read any of Jane Austen's books? You know that certain moment when someone special is coming up the driveway, but, OH NO! the house is in disarray! There is a tizzy of excitement and craziness in the ensuing moments.

We had one of those. Except is wasn't Mr. Dreamy - it was an appraiser for a refinancing on the house. And it wasn't just a couple of seconds before he came knocking on the door; it was a day. Funny how one phone call saying he'll be here at noon the next day can change all existing plans and make you scramble to put things into order.

Now it's time to catch up on the rest of live. At least the house is cleaned up for the home ec class on Saturday too! Can I take a nap, please?

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