Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Catching up

Yes, I know most my recent posts (albeit sparse) haven't been about farming... or farm life... or animals... or adventures... To put it simply - it's been crazy this summer. Between doctor appointments, 'normal' life, and participating in a friend's wedding, things have been hectic to say the least. Everyone seems to be going a thousand different directions all the time. How do we keep up with everything?! We don't. Example: yesterday morning, we got up at 6 and quickly got ready to be out the door by 7:15 at the latest to be at the orthodontist by 8. We came on the wrong day. Wrong week actually. An entire week early to the appointment. :sigh:

Back to farm life! Earlier this summer we did a round of meat chickens. Those are long gone and ever so tasty, but we still have turkeys! :) The chickens are happy pecking around and running for their lives from the 6 year-olds. The llamas got sheared the week after Memorial Day; don't worry - all bad haircuts do grow out. The garden is growing okay for the cooler weather that we've had. Actually, the lettuce is doing really well. Do you know any creative ways to serve lettuce besides a green salad? I don't either... We cleared out a couple hundred Christmas trees from the South field to make a pasture, a new barn (still in the decision process of that), bigger garden, and an herb garden. Plans for the herb garden are going slow. Maybe it's because a thousand other things are demanding my attention.

I wish summers could be like they used to be - care free and forever. Nothing going on, no running around, no chasing your own tail. Just chilling, recovering, regrouping for the coming school year. By the time the summer ended, you were ready for structured activities. Now, you don't have time for a breather...

So here's to August! May you last forever!

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