Friday, April 8, 2011

Facing my own giants

For years I have dug in my heels, refused to get behind the wheel (literally), and completely and utterly fought against all attempts to do so. Normally I'm not that much of a donkey. Excuses were easily attained to not go for a drive - a manual transmission is too much interaction with the car, for one. Well, that excuse was dealt with (I'll write the story later). I bought a Toyota Camry with an automatic tranny. Then the check engine light came on. :sigh: It turned out to be something noteworthy enough to not drive the car until it was fixed (oxygen sensors are important). Then we're too busy to just go out and practice driving. But then my permit expired. I got myself a date with the DMV and headed down the hill to meet my fate - face to face. Thankfully I passed the driver's test on the first try (PTL! Thank you prayer warriors!). And now I am officially licensed - complete with ugly picture on a plastic card. Watch out world, I'm on the road - driving a mile or two below the speed limit.

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