Monday, March 21, 2011

Too Clean?

A good friend came over earlier today, and as she walked into my room, she said, "Your room is too clean." I hadn't really thought of it like that... I have my junk shoved into corners, some corners are about to burst. ;D Maybe she's just mothered too many teenage boys. :shrugs: If my living environment gets too cluttered, I can't think. Maybe that's why it's too clean. Or maybe I just like my room too much to hide it under everything. :) The quilt was given to me by my Oma when she moved to the area. I absolutely adore it! ^_^ And I have an obsession with pillows... Can't you tell?

The reading corner - where most of my work and studying gets done. My room became a sort of "if it doens't work in the rest of the house, we'll stick it in Sarah's room!" So my room has a mish-mash of bigger furniture pieces that have been ever so slightly 'fixed' up to match my style. I don't think that it can have any more furniture stuffed in there though... ;)

Where do you think that most of the junk piles hide? Yep, you guessed it - under the fish tank (that only has one nocturnal fish in it. Time to restock the tank.) behind the custom curtain.

And the never ceasingly messy desk. No matter how hard I try, papers and books seem to make it on top of the desk.

And another black hole for stuff - the closet. No need for further explanation. ;)

Probably one of my favorite furniture pieces (besides my hope chest) - a lawyer's cabinet. When Oma moved up here, she didn't have a need for it, my mom adopted it, and since it didn't work any where else in the house - I got it! :D Perfect for displaying cutesy things and some favorite 'coffee table' books.
So what do you think? Is my room too clean? Or should I purge the corners of treasures? ;)


  1. Your room is so cute, Sarah!! I love the purple theme and the lavender!! It looks to me like your room is much tidier than mine! (although, it doesn't help that I share it with three other sisters I guess...) ;)

    Methinks you need more lavender though. We need to have another "girls day" during the Lavender Fest, come July! ;D


  2. Love your room Sarah!! :-) Just adorable! :D