Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I've heard a rumor that sometime next year that there is going to be a Victoria and Albert ball. :squeal of delight!: But that poses the question: Which dress would I make?! There are so many gorgeous dresses in the movie, how is a girl to decide? Then I watched the movie (again) and the desicion was quite easy. The ball gown of course! This dress doesn't look all that hard, but I would probably need to figure out a way to bring the sleeves up over the shoulder... Anyway, enjoy these pictures for now! And I'll be daydreaming of the next costume splurge.
I would probably also figure out how to make the skirt a little fuller... ;D

To hear the song that they dance to:
To see the waltz!

And there's even an out-of-print pattern that matches it close enough! (of course it's OOP... that seems to be the story of my life...)

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