Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh the things I get myself into...!

So... today during lunch, my younger sister was sitting at the desk looking at some of the Buzz topics that she follows, and I happened to look over her shoulder... The topic that she and her friends were discussing was: Courting vs. Dating. My poor sister was sorely outnumbered by all of her friends; they claimed that courting was to out of style and were completely convinced that dating was the only way. I couldn't help myself. Jessica let me take over the keyboard and lecture those poor jr. high girls about the benifits and positive elements of courting and that COURTING STILL EXISTS!!! Anyway... here's what I eventually came up with (the girls all commented on how long it was... they usually do about 1 line max! Guess they haven't seen HSA comments! ;)

Ahem. This is the big sister, Sarah.
The difference between courting and dating is quite a fine line; it really boils down to the intent at the onset of the relationship.

If you look at the dating model, it is practicing for divorce!!! It is very easy to simply leave the relationship and begin another anytime an issue comes up or you don't 'love' them anymore (this gets into a whole different discussion that I will not bring up at this time). Looking at the HORRIBLE divorce rate today, you see the damages that this model has produced. The intent of dating is recreational, and used frequently for selfish, fleeting entertainment purposes. On the other hand, much more thought and consideration has been put into the courtship relationship before it even really begins. It is much safer for the young couple's hearts and purity because most interactions are in a group setting (there is accountablity for any actions). However, group settings can also be utilized for dating, but the difference is that the parents' input is highly valued as a mature viewpoint.

Probably the largest difference of the two is the young man's approach to the (courtship)relationship in being willing to approach the parents as well. He is putting the whole relationship in accountability to the parents making him (possibly) more respectful of the young lady, her heart, purity, and innocence.

Dating is the way of the world. As Christians we are to turn our backs and face the opposite way. Dating only really entered the world scene during the rip-roaring 30's. A time of flappers, criminals, extravagant living, shockingly short hemlines, amoral living, and a turn away from all things traditional.

Please pardon my rambling; I will now step down from my soap box. Jessica had no part in this, she is innocent of all thoughts presented. She wants the keyboard back now. Carry on...

:back to this blog post: So I could've put so much more in there, but I didn't want to overwhelm them. ;)

God Speed by Edmund Blair Leighton


  1. If only more people knew the horrible things about dating. Thank you for standing against the world :)

  2. Nice job! Have I told you lately that I like your writing style?