Sunday, February 28, 2010


No, not the kind that our current president promised - he's giving us the wrong change. Ah! Enough politics!

Change happens to everyone. You're not immune to it; it just happens, you most likely will not be ready for it, and it will give you new experiences to grow. It can come in any shape and size, it can drastically alter the way you think about things in life. Sometimes you have a say in the matter, sometimes you don't want it to come, but it is inevitable in every situation. Any decision you make can change your life for good or bad. Just as the weather changes from day to day, so does your life. Just as the seasons come and go, so do the seasons of your life pass by you so quickly, you had better not blink. God is in control of everything whether you like it or not, and He places you in the exact circumstances that He wants you in. Every bit of change that is thrown your way is a chance to mature in God, to grow in your faith, to make you that "wise" elderly person telling the younger generation about your experiences. It's the change that makes that all possible. Only through change can get you out of your rut in life and make you try a different route. By giving you the chances to see things from a different perspective, you might decide that a different way is better, a different choice is more purposeful. Sitting here at the crossroads of adolesence, teenager-ness (see, I do create words for my own purposes!), and adult-hood - life. I can't just sit here and be comfortable through the journey - in the same rut of the road that I've been in for a while. It's time to move on.

Since the beginning of 2010, my family has been trying a new church. It's been difficult being seperated from friends that I've grown up with my entire self-conscious life. We've all gone through things - together - as a church family. We were all part of each other's lives, but, for the last several months, I've felt like it's time to move on. Maybe I've changed; maybe my old church has changed, but God's been showing me that it's time to grow more and that it has to be done somewhere besides my childhood church. New people are needed to help me grow in Him. If you had asked me a year ago how I felt about changing churches, you would've gotten quite the resitance from me. But God has been helping me learn to let go of my security blanket of things that are known and push me out of my confort zone. And He has led my family to a wonderful new church. Now nothing is official, but my entire family is thoroughly enjoying this new church.

The formating of the church, the family-friendly setting (there is no Sunday school for the kiddies, they are expected to sit in with their family), the shared meal after the service, the simpler worship time, no real time constraints with the service order. Could this be a God-send? I believe so. :)

Of course, nothing is absolutely perfect... With less than ten families as part of the congregation, there aren't really any young ladies my age. But such a thing as this is severely minute when looking at the whole picture. This has made English Country Dancing all the more important for me. It's where I can spend time with other young ladies my age - with similar passions and ideals.

Well... I hope I didn't bore you too much with this seemingly lengthy post, but I felt that it needed to be said.


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