Thursday, July 16, 2009

You deserve an explanation...

Okay, sorry about the last post, I was in a horrid mood after attempting to drive yesturday evening... and the muse struck - sorta... Ever since I turned 15 my family (a few in particular) has been pressuring me to get my permit and start driving. I've had no desire what-so-ever to get behind the wheel. And now, years later, I've finally got my permit (because of neccesity... who heard of a college student without a license?!) but still no desire to drive.
The car that my dad has decided that I will drive is a stick shift.
A manual transmission.
A death sentance *mentally*.
Let's just say that it had been a rough drive from the get-go, and it didn't improve from there... new driver (me), evil stick, gravel road, annoying stop signs (why do they put those in there anyway? =P), impatient Grandpa driver in huge truck honking at me in intersection because I couldn't get the car to start, emotional break down... yeah, you get the point... bad way to end the day...
At least there was chocolate ice cream in the freezer and a Jane austen movie when I got home.


  1. You poor thing. :( I've been there and done that once before, I am not looking forward to the next time!!


  2. I'm not either!!! WAAA!!!! =(