Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Saturday Tradition

My mom and sister came home from our local farmer's market and brought a huge stash of natural goodness! Yes, my family can be obsessive about food... but it's good! if you get it from a really good source.

For lunch the past few weeks we've done "gourmet" grilled cheese! *pictures coming soon!* First we made a typical grilled cheese with organic spelt bread and chedder cheese. Once the bread was perfectly crunchy, we pulled it off the cast iron pan and opened it up. On one half of the bread we put thinly sliced cucumber into the melted cheesyness, and on the other half, we placed whole leaves of FRESH basil! Put the two slices back together again and Voila! A typical lunch dressed up to something you might find in an upscale restaurant.

More easy recipes made from local products coming soon! *hopefully!* =D

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